Want to lose weight? Eat better? Feel less stressed? Get more sleep? 


Is the 30 Days to Awesomeness right for me?

I want to give you a quick background on the 30 Days to Awesomeness transformation programme and why I believe it’s the best. The 30 Days to Awesomeness programme has become something that creates incredible results, incredibly quickly. 
I know what you are thinking right now…But listen, I was just like you....


It is becoming even harder to distinguish the good trainers and programmes from the bad.
With social media, today, everyone is calling themselves an expert at whatever is hot right now.
In reality, if you find the right programme and training environment you can achieve amazing results.

This program WILL achieve the best results that YOU’RE humanly capable of in 30 days. 
Some people want things to happen, some wish for things to happen, others MAKE things happen.
My goal as a coach is to guide you to become all that you can be, the best version of yourself, to get you to want to do the things you need to do.
It’s simple but it’s not easy.


Who is the 30 Days’ programme NOT for?

The 30 Days programme is not for people who are afraid to commit and afraid to put in the work needed to achieve outstanding results.
It is also not for people who already have all the accountability they need.
If you rarely struggle with staying consistent with your exercise or eating habits, then this programme is not a good choice for you.

Will the 30 Days to Awesomeness work for me?
If you follow our recommendations and stick to the plan for the full 30 days then yes, you will get results.
But you need to commit to making small strategic changes in your life.

That’s something no one ever likes admitting about getting in better shape: it takes hard work, time and determination. Changing your body isn’t easy, but it is possible.
For years, I have helped people do all that and more and I’m confident we can help you, too.

Once you make the commitment to get in better shape, we will be with you every step of the way. When life pushes you around and difficulties come up, we’ll help you push back.


The Personal Touch

One-To-One Skype Call with Tom

Speak with Tom halfway through the programme. Tom will answer all of your questions, motivate you and deal with any queries you may have. We will go through your pain points, discuss where you feel you are struggling and keep you on track.  

What is included:

We will give you all the tools, guidelines and resources you need, as well as the confidence to take responsibility for your own plan moving forward.



Over the years we have worked with an extensive
list of clients, ranging from small charities to large
corporations and third level institutions.


What can I eat on the plan?


Bonus Recipe Booklet! 

The PDF Course includes exercise plans, recipes, practical advice on how to plan your meals as well as real life tips on maintaining the positive mental attitude needed to stick with the programme for 30 Days.

The food you eat will determine your results. Proper balanced nutrition choices are essential for success. This guide contains all of Tom’s nutritional recommendations and tips. All food included in this guide is simple, affordable and available in most supermarkets.

Tom’s approach is based around a health first mind-set. Fuel the body with proper nutrients first, avoid calorie counting and enjoy the process and you will see results almost immediately, especially if your lifestyle was pretty bad to begin with. Also included are full recipes for meals, shopping lists, cooking tips and tricks, cheat meal advice and timing as well as a comprehensive education guide to include information about how your body uses food.

Real People Achieving Incredible Results.

Incredibly Fast.


Sneak Peak inside the plan! 

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30 Days to Awesomeness
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