We offer a wide range of activities and seminars to suit any place workplace.
Workshops and classes are tailored to meet the demands of busy working environments and are delivered onsite.




1. Lunch & Learn Workshops

At TD Performance we help improve employee wellbeing by offering bespoke workshops, including ‘lunch and learns’, themed days as well as Foundation courses to establish mindfulness practice. Sessions are delivered live in-house or via webinars to increase accessibility.

The pace of modern living is incredibly fast. Technology makes us available 24/7 and many of us have difficulties switching off after a busy day at work. Research shows that nearly half the time we are living on “autopilot” and are very reactive in our behaviour. This is detrimental to health, our well-being, our relationships and our work performance.

TD Performance lunchtime sessions and seminars are a great way to educate employees about lifestyle and performance. Our workshops are interactive and practical. We present workable examples and solutions that suit the needs of the business and the individual. Sessions are concise and focused to maximise the time available.

2. Nutrition Seminars

Sessions are designed to target all employees no matter where they are on the health spectrum. Sessions can be delivered as group workshops or one-to-one personalised consultations. 

The core values of this program are to empower your workers to make practical positive changes that they can see and feel. It incorporates scientifically-effective health promoting strategies. 

The Irish diet is generally not good. Nutritional intervention plays a powerful role in preventing and combating illnesses. Due to the lack of a national nutrition plan, most people are confused as to what, where, how and when they should eat. Unraveling this confusion is key to achieving effective behavioural change. 

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3. Onsite Group Exercise Classes

Allow employees to take an active role in their health and return to work happier and healthier with cost effective exercise classes!

Instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and energetic. They are committed to teaching fun, invigorating and effective classes for all participants. 

Participants will gain an improvement in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility, all while having fun.

All programmes are suitable for both novice exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Individuals work at their own personal level and we tailor the intensity to their needs.

Offered classes run for “30 Minute Power Breakfast” or “Lunch Time Burn” (up to 45 minutes) each week, over a 12 week period. These can be organised on site.

Classes Offered: 
Boxercise, Core Conditioning, Zuu Bodyweight Training, Kettlebells


Your employees benefit both physically and mentallyleading to valuable rewards for your business.

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Get rid of negative effects of stress


Self-care is a behaviour, which is very often neglected by busy employees. They fail to prioritise the fundamentals of good health. Eating nourishing foods reduces the negative effects of stress and anxiety on the body. All our programmes encourage and promote the adoption of self-care behaviours at an individual level and within your organisation.

The benefits

• Reduces absenteeism
• Reduced levels of stress
• Reduces long term health care expenses
• Increased effectiveness of the workforce
• Enhances employee engagement, morale and loyalty
• Demonstrates employer values wellbeing of employees
• Increased energy levels
• Improves atmosphere and self-esteem of staff


Enterprise Rent A Car

“Finding the right way to regularly exercise and focus on eating the right foods in my busy lifestyle has been a constant challenge. TD Performance advice and guidance has helped my workplace make smarter nutritional choices and exercise correctly which has helped our team feel fitter and be more productive."

David McManus,
Assistant Branch Rental Manger,
Enterprise Rent A Car

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

“The Dyslexia Association of Ireland invited Tom to share his experiences of being dyslexic at one of our seminars on dyslexia for adults. Tom gave a very warm, inspiring and motivational talk on his own experiences of growing up and running a business with dyslexia. His talk was very well received and we will definitely be inviting him to talk again.”

Harriet Doig, 
Dyslexia Association of Ireland