Corporate Wellness Packages

The rewards of a healthier, fitter and more engaged workforce are tangible - both to the company and to the individual. 

At TD Performance we strive to put in place workable solutions that enhance both business and personal performance.


When it comes to exercise, finding the time, energy or desire at the end of the day can be a challenge. At TD Performance, we help your employees overcome these obstacles with fun, interactive ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. We work with your staff to keep them motivated while integrating fitness and nutrition into their working day.

The rewards of a healthier, fitter and more engaged workforce are tangible - both to the company and to the individual. 

Whether your employees are regular exercisers or rarely run for a bus, we have something to suit everyone. We offer running programmes, Boxercise, Zuu bodyweight, Kettlebell classes, boot camps, workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, nutrition advice or “lunch and learn” seminars. Exercise is so important to reduce stress levels. Reduced stress combined with increased fitness is proven to result in a more focused and productive staff. 

We can deliver these programmes on site - 
yes we come to you! 

With our boot camps, no two sessions are the same. Plus they are fun! Whether it is circuits, weight training, flexibility and toning or classes such as Boxercise, recruits can expect to work hard but also enjoy a new, fun way to exercise.

All programmes are suitable for both novice exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Individuals work at their own personal level and we tailor the intensity to their needs.


1. Lunch and Learn Wellness Seminars

These sessions are a great way to educate employees about lifestyle and performance. 

Our workshops and seminars are interactive and practical. We present workable examples and solutions that suit the needs of the business and the individual. We keep the sessions concise and focused.

We keep the sessions concise and focused.

  • Real food: “Ditch the junk”, ditch the fad diets and introduce good nutritional habits and tips
  • De - Stress! How to improve energy and performance
  • How to improve workplace wellbeing and teambuilding

2. On- Site Classes 

We run a variety of fun fitness and health classes that will suit your employees. We offer specific classes, which are instructed by fully qualified and insured trainers.

Offered classes run for “30 Minute Power Breakfast” or “Lunch Time Burn” (up to 45 minutes) each week, over a 12 week period. These can be organised on site.

Classes Offered: 
Boxing, Core Conditioning, Zuu Bodyweight Training, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning

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3. Fitness in Bite-Sized Offerings

If you are looking for a quick fix of fitness and a burst of exercise, we can organise lunchtime talks and workshops. 

We can tailor the class content to suit your needs. Please let us know what you are looking for and we can work together to make it a reality!


TD Performance recently worked with Mars Ireland during their annual Sales Conference. The aim of this "Wake Up Call" seminar was to inject energy into the sales staff after a long week of corporate meetings.

We combined group activities with useful information on nutrition and health. While fun and high-tempo, it also gave staff practical tips on fitness and exercise that they can incorporate into their daily routine.

Watch the video to get a taster of what TD Fitness can offer your next corporate meet up.



Over the years we have worked with an extensive
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