Our Coaches

Shane Monaghan.jpeg

Shane Monaghan - Coach

Training clients for the last seven years, Shane is a Personal trainer, Zuu and Agatsu certified Kettlebell Instructor. He has represented Ireland at the European Championship, competing with kettlebell’s.

“I always been involved with sport since my early teens and discovered the gym when I was 17. 20yrs later I’m still at it and not slowing down.” - Shane. 



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Sonia McGlynn – Coach

Sonia has been working in the fitness industry for the last 6 years and travelled the world with it! Previously a Gym manager for one of Dublin’s biggest Gyms and also head trainer for Orange Theory in Sydney Australia. Sonia has a passion for fitness, teaching group classes and personal training. She also has competed in CrossFit and various competitions.

“It is important as a trainer to constantly upskill, challenge yourself and learn from others you can never know enough!” - Sonia. 
Marcin Gucia.jpg

Marcin Guica – Coach

Marcin is a Group fitness and personal trainer with over 6-year experience in the fitness industry. He is a qualified in Kettbells, Rip 60, Zuu, Animal Flow movement. Marcin is super passionate about fitness for all levels. As a father, he wants his kids to fall in love with fitness, movement and exercise as a strategy to manage a better life.

“Fitness is a powerful tool to change lives, change the story and change our future”  - Marcin. 
Kate Finegan.jpg

Kate Finegan – Strength & Flexibility Coach

Kate is an aerial artist, dancer and contortionist. Having trained under private tuition of internationally renowned movement coach Emmet Louis for 3 years, she went onto train contortion with movement specialist and physical Neuromuscular and Physical Therapist, Alexandra Craig. Kate has also trained internationally with Keeva Traenor (Air Candy - Berlin), Bromwyn Pattison, (Berlin) Pixie Le Knot, (London - Game of Thrones Contortionist), Julie Bergez (Barcelona - Cirque du Soleil). Kate teaches at a variety of Strength, Flexibility and Personal Mobility.